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Cancellation Protection

Flight Network recommends that you take out cancellation protection when you book travel.

Note! We have two different cancellation protections. For details, see your receipt or read more here.

1) XCover cancellation insurance. Find out more on your insurance email or read more here.
2) Cancellation protection – read here:

You will receive a payment if you cannot reasonably take your trip due to you, your travel companion or a close relative of yours suffering from acute illness, having an accident or dying. “Close relative” in this context means the insured party's husband, wife, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, grandparents or parents-in-law, a person that the insured party lives with as a couple as if they were married, or one of the travel companions in your booking. Acute illness refers to illness which you did not know, could not have known or ought not to have known would occur when you ordered the trip. The incident must be verified by means of a valid Flight Network doctor's certificate. There are certain exceptions as to when cancellation protection will not be valid.

Find out more in our travel conditions »

  • Cancellation protection is taken out at the time of booking.
  • Cancellation must take place at least two hours before the outbound journey was due to begin. No refund will be given if you cancel later than this.
  • Cancellation protection is valid only together with Flight Network's own doctor's certificate and will be sent to us within five working days of cancellation. The doctor's certificate must be completed by a doctor affiliated to the Social Insurance Office, and the certificate must bear the name, contact telephone number and stamp of the doctor. A copy of the doctor's identification must be enclosed if no stamp is available. The doctor's certificate must state the examination date, examination results, diagnosis and the fact that you are unable to travel. The doctor must use the Flight Network doctor's certificate: this is the only doctor's certificate we accept. The doctor's certificate must be printed by an independent party for the doctor's certificate to be valid.
    Download the doctor's certificate here »
  • No refund will be made if you do not turn up on time for your trip or if you have incorrect documents which mean that you cannot/are not allowed to travel.
  • The maximum amount payable in the event of cancellation against cancellation protection is 10062 AED per person and/or 20123 AED per trip